Kate Griffin

As a child, growing up in a small village in Gloucestershire, I always wanted to travel.

When I grew up, off I went, with my camera.

Griffin: a newcomer to the Orient, esp. one from W. Europe [C18 of unknown origin].

In the travels section, you can see some of the blogs I’ve written and pictures I’ve taken, sometimes with an extract from a book I was reading while on the road.

For a number of years I found myself following in the footsteps of the nineteenth century botanical artist Marianne North, reading her journal, Recollections of a Happy Life, and taking my own pictures.

A couple of years ago, I published my father’s History of King’s Stanley, the village where my family has lived for over 400 years.

You can see my pictures of day-to-day life on instagram here.

You can read about my work life here.