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‘Well,’ said Eva, ‘that sounds like interesting reading.’
And she asked whether he still liked as much onion as before.
‘Yes, lots of onion.’

Something else he had read the other day:

If you have discovered your rational faculties, then you will always feel like a traveller, even if you’re not heading for a specific destination, because there isn’t any destination. But you get used to keeping your eyes open for everything that takes place in the world. You don’t set your heart on anything in particular, you carry your travelling within you and rejoice at reversals and transience. The nights can sometimes be tough, like being in the desert. And some days, he had also read, can be equally miserable, when you encounter nothing but deception and dirt and insecurity. But mostly mornings bring comfort and light, you can rest for a while beneath a leafy tree and take pleasure in the sun. Rationality makes you a morning person, as it were.

‘But you don’t want me to fry the onions?’
‘No. Onions should be left as they are.’
‘I’ve added a bit more salt for you.’
‘Good. Generally people never put enough salt in.’

By Torgny Lindgren
Translated from Swedish by Tom Geddes