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Sunday drifting

Koruku was privately of the opinion that all this dithering stemmed from an inborn flaw in his brother’s character. Being a student, he could not comprehend how precious his brother’s Sundays were to him, how many hopes and wishes had been vested in these twenty-four hours out of a need to counteract six days of dark musings with the balm of a single day. There was always too much that Sōsuke wanted to do on this one day, and he could never accomplish even two or three out of the ten things he had proposed for himself. On the contrary, whenever he set out to follow through on just those two or three, he quickly came to begrudge the expenditure of time required and, hesitating to act, would just sit there until before he knew it the day drew to a close.

The Gate, by Natsume Sōseki, translated by William F. Sibley