Sunday drifting

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Koruku was privately of the opinion that all this dithering stemmed from an inborn flaw in his brother’s character. Being a student, he could not comprehend how precious his brother’s Sundays were to him, how many hopes and wishes had … Continue reading


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“What is this? A curfew?” “No, it’s just autumn, the time of year,” Irimiás noted sadly: “People sit by their stoves and don’t get up till spring. They spend hours by the window until it grows dark. They eat, they … Continue reading


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After we had finished our coffee, I retired to the edge of my bed and attended to what little toilet I could while the beduin squatted in the smoke of the fire. Sa’id II sprawled in a corner, playing with … Continue reading


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When the evening came, and the sweet shrill cry of the kites, that fills the daylight, stopped, ‘Awiz appeared with three paraffin lanterns, which he dotted about the floor in various places, and, having given me my supper, departed to … Continue reading


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The cook was an Indian, engaged by the hospitable al-Kafs to make British travellers feel at home with their own familiar dishes : he had been brought to Tarim with the news of my coming, and I realised what a … Continue reading