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Everywhere throughout Rangoon abundance prevails. There is an air of plenty about the place that cannot fail to strike the newly-arrived visitor. The people, male and female, look in good condition, clean, well clothed, well fed, and certainly happy in circumstances, if their faces speak true.

Of beggars so far we have seen none, except a few as we approached the pagodas ; cripples are usually kept in retirement, if they exist ; we learn, however, that they really are very few in numbers, not only here, but throughout the country. Thus the physical condition of the people contrasts favourably with some more advanced nations. Whether it is to their particular philosophy, the abundance of supplies obtained from the land or to the government under which they live, it must assuredly be said of these Buddhists, as of those in China and Japan, that outwardly at least, their appearance betokens happiness and comfort.

Our Trip to Burmah
with notes on that country
by Surgeon-General Charles Alexander Gordon, M.D., C.B.