Rivers of China

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‘Oh dear,’ she said, ‘I do wish I hadn’t married. I wish I’d been an explorer.’ And then she said dreamily, ‘The Rivers of China, for instance.’ ‘But what do you know about the rivers of China, darling,’ I said. … Continue reading

Modern Life

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The tempo of modern city life is such that we are giving less and less time and thought to the matter of cooking and feeding. A housewife who is at the same time a brilliant journalist can hardly be blamed … Continue reading

Sunday drifting

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Koruku was privately of the opinion that all this dithering stemmed from an inborn flaw in his brother’s character. Being a student, he could not comprehend how precious his brother’s Sundays were to him, how many hopes and wishes had … Continue reading


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“What is this? A curfew?” “No, it’s just autumn, the time of year,” Irimiás noted sadly: “People sit by their stoves and don’t get up till spring. They spend hours by the window until it grows dark. They eat, they … Continue reading