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White garlic pan-fried in dew

Farmers Towering trees shade a brushwood gate, emerald moss dappled with falling light. They hoe lotus, a mountain moon rising, and then, searching thin mist for a trail, the old man leads a child, eyes following their starveling ox taking … Continue reading

Farewell © 2014 . All rights reserved.

Wonder and mystery

I was born with the gift of rain, an ancient soothsayer in an even more ancient temple once told me. This was back in a time when I did not believe in fortune-tellers, when the world was not yet filled … Continue reading

Tiffin © 2014 . All rights reserved.

Impossible worsted stockings

Tan interrupted. “But the British have held India by their guns for over a hundred years.” “You are mistaken,” said Poya. “The British hold India down by their charm.” “What charm?” said Tan, gulping with surprise. “By being handsome,” said … Continue reading